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King Cole Baby Book Five Knitting Book Double Knitting Patterns Prem to 18 month

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This King Cole Baby Book Five booklet instructs you how to knit baby garments from premature to 18 months over 61 pages, complete with colourful illustrations throughout.

Each design can be made using double knitting wool.The garments should be knitted up using 1 Pair 4mm (USA6) 1 Pair 3 ¼mm (USA3) 1 Pair 3 ¾mm (USA5) knitting needles & stitch holders unless otherwise stated.

The garments this knitting book instructs you how to knit are as follows:

  • Little Pink travel coat with hood and blue travel jacket with hood.
  • Little Vintage pink cardie with cable knit and white detail.
  • Little Vintage blanket in grey with cable knit detail with matching cable v-neck jacket and hat in grey with cable knit detail.
  • Lace & Bobbles Vintage Blanket in cream.
  • Favourite little pink v-neck cardie with rib detail with matching pink dolly shoes and ribbed hat.
  • Little Vintage round neck morning coat in cream with cable knit detail.
  • Little Stripey slouch hat with matching stripey jacket with collar and stripey moccasins at in white and dusty pink.
  • Little Retro raglan cardie in dusty pink.
  • Little Big Stripey Blanket in white and dusty pink.
  • Little Slouchy Beret in white and yellow with matching sunshine short sleeved cardie in yellow, little sunshine pumps in white and yellow, little frilly cardie in white and yellow and frilly stripe blanket in white and yellow.
  • Big Rib Hoodie in blue with matching little wrap shoes in blue.
  • Little Ballet wrap in green and white with matching little vintage sunday coat in white and green with cable knit detail and matching little dolly shoes in green and white.
  • Frilly stripe cardie in pink and white with matching sugar pink ballet shoes in pink and white.
  • Little ribbon wrap in white with matching white pretty little pumps.
  • Little Big Stripe hoodie in blue and white with ear detail on the hood.
  • Cat on the hat in white with ear detail and cat face detail.
  • Little Ribby helmet hat in white with blue detail.
  • Little Big rib vest in white.
  • Little Raglan cardie in pink.
  • Little Lacy raglan cardie in cream.

The measurements vary between each design but each pattern will inform you of the finished measurement.

These patterns should be suitable with most double knitting yarns however, tensions may vary and we recommend you knit a tension square before knitting the design.

Please note that this is a knitting book and NOT a selection of finished knitted designs. All knitting instructions are written in English.

  • Details: This is the King Cole Baby Book Five knitting booklet that instructs you how to knit various baby items from premature to 2 yrs.
  • Brand: King Cole
  • Type: Knitting Patterns
  • Colour: Multi
  • Country / Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom