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We want to be transparent about all the ways we're trying to reduce our impact on the environment, and what we're doing to become more eco-friendly. We're not just talking about stocking more environmentally friendly products either, we buy locally, cycle to work, and never throw away seconds or returned items. Read on to see all the ways in which we're trying to make our store a happier place for you, us, and the environment.

We work hard to reduce our waste & emissions

A photograph of a person cycling on a road.


Our packing team cycle to work and we've converted to LED lighting in the office. We use second-hand, and up-cycled office furniture and the furniture and props shown in our product photography is up-cycled (we also share photo sets with other local businesses to avoid waste), and we often use our own homes to shoot new products. We happily agree to staff working from home and hold video meetings instead of home-workers driving in.

We're local

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We've a family-run local business with strong links in our community. We use local suppliers and staff wherever possible, and all of our current own-brand products are made right here in the UK by other small businesses. When we need to remove old stock, we check if it can be donated to charity (we recently gave our end of line shower curtains to a local charity for low-income families) and we're looking at other ways to do more of this.

We're always looking for better products

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We've added lots more eco-friendly products to our website and we're keen to work with more suppliers who share our values. We're also looking at how we package your orders and are trialling biodegradable bags. We also utilise Daventry NORSE waste collection services, which means we can measure our recycling performance.