King Cole Aran Book 2 - Patterns for Babies from Birth to 7 Years

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This King Cole Aran Book 2 booklet instructs you how to knit baby garments from birth to 7 years over 55 pages, complete with colourful illustrations throughout.

The garments this knitting book instructs you how to knit are as follows:

  • Cosy blue cocoon and cosy cabled cocoon.
  • Cosy cabled waistcoat and little red waistcoat.
  • Hats - little red hat, little stripe beanie, little Rosie helmet, teddy Edward hat, cosy cabled hat and little mouse beret.
  • Booties and shoes - ribby little booties, little blue booties, little mouse shoes, little knot shoes and little cable slippers.
  • Little blue gansey and little gansey.
  • Little aran cardie and little teddy aran coat.
  • Preppie little cardie, little red cardie and little hoodie jacket.
  • Blankets - cosy cabled blanket, little vitange cable blanket and little big cable blanket.
  • Little blue jersey and cosy little hoodie.
  • Cosy red cardie and little Rosie cardie.
  • Cosy alpine cardie and little alpine jacket.
  • Little vintage frock coat and little vintage dress coat.

The measurements vary between each design but each pattern will inform you of the finished measurement.

These patterns should be suitable with most aran yarns however, tensions may vary and we recommend you knit a tension square before knitting the design.

Please note that this is a knitting book and NOT a selection of finished knitted designs. All knitting instructions are written in English.

  • Details: This is the King Cole Aran Book 2 knitting booklet that instructs you how to knit a wide variety of clothes suitable for babies from birth to 7 years.
  • Brand: King Cole
  • Type: Knitting Patterns
  • Colour: Multi