Gor Pets Sisal Rope Scratching Post (46cm or 62cm)

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·  Cat scratcher sisal CS11 beige

These fun scratching posts by Gor Pets are perfect for cats that like to scratch and play!

These scratching posts are covered entirely with sisal rope on a wooden base making the scratcher sturdy and long lasting.

Available in two sizes: Small - 46cm (18") or Large - 62cm (24.5").

Small is available in Beige, Green and Red. Large is available in Beige, Blue & Red.

This scratching post will give your cat an alternative to scratching the carpets and furniture around the home, whilst promoting good nail health and helping to keep your cat healthy and alert.

For your pet's safety examine the item for wear and tear from time to time. Pets should be supervised whilst playing. This toy is not suitable for children.

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and all measurements are approximate.

  • Brand: Gor Pets
  • Details: This scratching post by Gor Pets is covered entirely with sisal rope and is perfect for cats that like to scratch and play. Available in two sizes making it suitable for all sizes of cats.
  • Colour: Cream Sisal Rope with Beige, Blue, Green or Red Detailing.
  • Size: Small: 46cm (18") tall or Large: 62cm (24.5") tall.
  • Material: Sisal Rope with Wooden Base.
  • Type: Pet Accessories