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Petface Waterproof Oxford Dog / Puppy Bed (Various Colours & Sizes)

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·  Oxford dog bed oval S red 15080

These Oxford pet beds by Petface are perfect for keeping your dog cosy and will help your pet to relax and sleep comfortably by keeping them warm and giving them a feeling of security.

Each bed is made from a durable, waterproof material with a removable cushion and an anti-slip base to prevent any sliding.

Available in Chocolate Brown, Cream or Red. Oval beds are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large and Square are available in sizes Large or Extra Large. Square XXL beds are available in Red only. A full list of measurements can be found below:

  • Oval Small: Bed - Width: 52cm/20.5" x Depth: 42cm/16.5" x Height: 22cm/9". Inside cushion - Width: 50cm/20" x Depth: 41cm/16".
  • Oval Medium: Bed - Width: 61cm/24" x Depth: 53cm/21" x Height: 22cm/9". Inside cushion - Width: 57cm/22.5" x Depth: 47cm/18.5".
  • Oval Large: Bed - Width: 74cm/29" x Depth: 61cm/24" x Height: 23cm/9". Inside cushion - Width: 66cm/26" x Depth: 52cm/20.5".
  • Oval XL: Bed - Width: 81cm/32" x Depth: 69cm/27" x Height: 23cm/9". Inside cushion - Width: 76cm/30" x Depth: 58cm/23".
  • Square Large: Bed - Width: 67cm/26.5" x Depth: 58cm/23" x Height: 24cm/9.5". Inside cushion - Width: 65cm/25.75" x Depth: 41cm/16".
  • Square XL: Bed - Width: 88cm/35" x Depth: 71cm/28" x Height: 26cm/10.5". Inside cushion - Width: 85cm/33.5" x Depth: 54cm/21.5".
  • Square XXL: Bed - Width: 98cm/38.5" x Depth: 83cm/32.75" x Height: 33cm/13". Inside cushion - Width: 97cm/38" x Depth: 76cm/30".

Machine washable at 30c, these beds should not be tumble dried or ironed. The square beds have a zip around the bottom so that you can easily remove the inner cushion.

Please note that all dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

  • Details: These Oxford pet beds by Petface are waterproof, have a reversible, removable cushion and are perfect for your dog or puppy to relax in.
  • Colour: Chocolate Brown & Grey, Cream & Grey or Red & Grey.
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable at 30c, do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Material: Durable 100% Polyester Fabric & 100% Polyester Fibre Filling.
  • Brand: Petface
  • Size: Oval in Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large or Square in Large & Extra Large. Square XXL available in Red only.
  • Country / Region of Manufacture: China