Plant Terrarium Starter Set (5L Bottle)

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·  AGG62 Terrarium Bottle 5L

With this DIY plant terrarium starter kit from Esschert Design, you can create your own micro ecosystem that will maintain itself.

Plants can survive in a sealed bottle on recycled air, water and food through the closed micro-system. The plants grow under special circumstances and adjust over time. The only external factor is light.

When you have created the plant terrarium, the micro-ecosystem will maintain itself, so you generally do not have to add water and your mini garden in the closed bottle will change over the course of time. The water you add when you first add the plants evaporates and drips back into the soil. Withered leaves are converted into food and this is how the micro-ecosystem maintains itself. Plants in a closed bottle can therefore continue to live for years.

The set includes a 5l terrarium bottle that measures 31cm (12") tall by 20cm (8") in diameter, a two-piece telescopic tool kit, a cork, a funnel, 900g of drainage stones, 12g of charcoal and 1.5l of soil.

Instructions on how to set up the terrarium are included on the packaging and there is also a link to a video.

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and measurements are approximate.

  • Brand: Esschert Design
  • Type: Bottle
  • Details: With this DIY plant terrarium starter kit, you can create your own micro ecosystem that will maintain itself.
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: Large
  • Country / Region of Manufacture: Europe
  • Shape: Round