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Petface Hear Doggy No Squeak Dog / Puppy Toy (Pablo or Pierre Penguin)

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·  Hear doggy penguin

These unique Hear Doggy plush penguin toys are fitted with an ultra-sonic squeaker that dogs can hear but humans can't, providing them with hours of fun without that annoying squeaky sound!

The squeaker is tuned to an ultra-sonic frequency of 28KHz that is out of human hearing range but is still fun for your four-legged friend!

Pablo penguin is blue and measures 8" (20cm) and Pierre penguin is red and measures 10" (25cm) approximately.

Made from a soft faux fur with a polyester fibre filling, these toys should be surface cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary.

Please note that these toys are not indestructable and for your pet's safety you should examine them from time to time for wear and tear and replace when appropriate.

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and all measurements are approximate.

  • Brand: Petface Hear Doggy
  • Details: These unique Petface Hear Doggy penguin toys are fitted with an ultra-sonic squeaker which is pitched so that dogs can hear it but humans can't.
  • Colour: Blue Pablo or Red Pierre Penguin Toy.
  • Size: Pablo - 8" (20cm) or Pierre - 10" (25cm).
  • Material: Soft Faux Fur & Polyester Fibre.
  • Care Instructions: Surface clean with a damp cloth.
  • Type: Interactive Dog Puppy Toy
  • Country / Region of Manufacture: China