Petface Loktop Signature Small or Large Peanut Feeder (765cc or 1050cc)

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·  Signature peanut feeder S 70026

These peanut feeders by Petface Signature are great for feeding the birds in your garden.

The feeder incorporates a patented 'Loktop' system that locks the lid closed, ensuring that the feed stays drier. It also deters unwanted visitors from opening and stealing the feed and should the feeder become dislodged and fall to the floor, the lid will stay closed!

The square mesh allows birds to only take safe bite sized peanut bits - feeding loose, whole peanuts can present a choking hazard to birds.

Available in two sizes: Small: 765cc or Large: 1050cc.

Instructions and tips are included so you can get the most out of your bird feeder.

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and all measurements are approximate.

  • Brand: Petface
  • Details: These peanut bird feeders by Petface Signature have a 'Loktop' system that keeps the lid closed and food drier and safe from predators.
  • Colour: Grey with Blue Detail.
  • Size: Capacity: 765cc or 1050cc.
  • Material: Durable Plastic & Metal Mesh.
  • Care Instructions: It is important to clean the feeder regularly. When cleaning, wear rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Type: Tube Feeder